Moving Day

Your Team will arrive at approximately 08:30 AM. Upon arrival, they will introduce themselves to you and ask that you walk through your home with them to determine if any items are to be left. Normally we start loading goods from the lounge and then proceed through the house taking items as necessary to pack the lorry correctly. Any packing that needs to be done would have been carried out on the previous day, therefore only leaving a small amount to be finished off by one of the team.

All clothes will be hung on our purpose-built wardrobe cartons. We envisage to have your belongings loaded and the house cleared by approximately 12:30 to 01:00 PM in readiness for the completion of your chain.

If you are going to store some goods with us, they will be then taken away to our warehouse for storage at this time.

If you are moving into your new house straight after 'completion' (normally sometime between Midday and 02:00 PM), then your team will start unloading your goods and carefully placing them where you require. Any items that need re-assembling, will be re-assembled during the course of unloading. If we are unpacking for you, the team will carry this out and remove all packing cartons and materials.

The estimated time for finishing is dependant upon the chain completion and the release of house keys - we do aim to have everything completed by 05:00 PM.
Before your team leave, they will walk you through your new home to ensure that all items are in their correct place and their work is finished before they leave you to enjoy your new home.

We do try to make sure that we do everything possible to make your day a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Please Contact Us if you require any more information, help or tips on your moving day.